My Story

I started Rogue Styling to make every clients day.  I am a day maker.  From color and cuts to full 8-10 person wedding parties.  I want every client to feel as beautiful as they are.  Not as someone else, or someone else's idea of what they are supposed to look or feel like.  But to accentuate what you already have.

I am a mother of 4 girls,  Being a mommy is my light, my joy and happiness.  Luckily they let me style their hair as often as I want,  I am also a war veteran.  I was an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force for 4 years before I had my first daughter (I know it's almost the polar opposite of what i do now lol!  Feel free to ask me all about it!) But I have always been an artist, painting is my stress reliever, and now thanks to Hair and Makeup I have a professional artistic outlet.  

I graduated at the top of my class and as President of the Editorial team, from the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute in Seattle, WA.  I was one of the winners of the Beacon Award which is a national styling competition entered by over 10,000 cosmetology students from all over the country.  I've had five brides featured in Seattle Bride Magazine, as well as doing ad and print work for other leading magazines and product companies.  Now I am in the works for applying to more national competitions to keep my competitiveness and my strive to do better at its peak.

 photos by  Samantha McFarlen